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Bike Repair Shop

Our technicians are some of the best in the business. They are not just gearheads, they are also cyclists with years of experience. Drop your bike off if you are in need of a tune-up or a major repair. We are here to help.



Our bike repair services extend beyond the Las Vegas Valley. We have people bring in their bikes from all over the US when they are in Vegas to enjoy a ride. Bring in your bike to fix a flat, repair a rim or even just have us make adjustments so you can have an easier time riding your bike. We are here to service all of your bike repair needs.  


We pride ourselves in the efficiency and exhaustive attention to detail of our service team. We love to talk parts and upgrades, as well as wear items and service intervals, which is why we take the time to inspect your bicycle with you at the time of drop off. Not all problems are the same, and sometimes a quick adjustment or recommendation are all you need. For a more complete experience and care, check out some of our service packages.

Brain Wash :: $80

Our quick-tune package includes a thorough cleaning of your bicycle, a multi-point inspection to ensure safety and performance,
and a fine tuning of brake and shifting systems. We check bolt torque and chain life with this package. Got an event coming? Going on a trip?
Looking to refresh your bike in between complete services? This tune up is for you!

Brain Surgery :: ROAD $140 // MTB $175

This tune up is the full monte, the works, the complete package. To start things off, we treat your bicycle to a full detailing and deep drivetrain cleaning complete with ultrasonic chain degreasing.
Then, we dive into your bearing systems to ensure things are spinning smoothly. Your wheels are then treated to a precision tension and truing. 
Once everything is clean, torqued, aligned, and resealed, we tune your shifting and brake systems with laser-like accuracy. Your bike is test ridden to guarantee performance and durability.
This tune should be performed annually, or sooner if you’re the high mileage type.


In order to best serve you, give us a call to setup a time to bring in your bike. We are quick to get your bike in and out so you can get back out riding.