Bike Brain LV

Bike Fitting

Get fitted for your bike quickly and accurately with the id match system at Bike Brain. Improve performance and comfort according to your needs and physical characteristics.


Custom Bike Fitting

idmatch is the only bike fitting system that uses scientific data analysis to help cyclists find the best possible set-up to increase their feeling of comfort and wellbeing on their bike.

Save HOURS & get fitted right the first time! Getting fitted for a bike is an important step in ensuring a comfortable and efficient cycling experience. A professional bike fitting can take hours, with ID Match we can do a fitting in 45 minutes and improve accuracy over the other bike fitting systems. 

idmatch Smart Technology

Complete Scan & Fitting

By taking into account your body measurements, flexibility, and riding style, the idmatch system can make adjustments that can reduce discomfort, improve power output, and prevent injuries.

3D Scanning

Thanks to 3D scanning, idmatch is able to analyze the cyclist while pedaling & modify the SmartBike in real time.

Saddles & Handlebars

No worries about the handlebars or saddles, we got it taken care of. The idmatch system works with a wide range to fit your needs.

Automated Simulator

The Smart Bike is an automated simulator. It permits the reproduction of any bikes setup. It meets the needs of all types of riders.


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